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At we know that process and result are connected. The same process as always, will give the same results as always. So instead we choose to have an inclusive and open process that allows for innovative and inspired solutions. We believe diversity is crucial for development.

Whether we work on a building project, a research study or designing a professional development session we involve the end-users in order to hear their perspective and understand their needs. Their ideas and knowledge are fed into the decision-making, organically changing and developing it along the way. As a project develops, users and people affected are allowed to continue to contribute, thus allowing the project to naturally evolve. We have found that it makes the decision-making process much more fruitful and richer because it allows for doubts, conflicts and problems to emerge in the planning process, resulting in an end product which users can recognise and feel a part of. While this process at times take longer than many traditional planning processes, our experience is that the satisfaction with and usability of the end result is always higher.

Services - Consulting and PD

Working with the development of the educational sector all around the world with projects from Australia to the EU for many years has provided us with international experience and connections that enable us to have a bigger overview and perspective than that within national borders. 

We contribute to the planning and execution of long term professional development for educational departments, educational institutions and for individual teachers. We also organise short term or one off workshops for people with an interest in education; designers, teachers, educational departments, politicians.

We provide consultancy services to organisations that wish to develop their environments with a focus on learning - whether it be the physical design or the professional development of the staff. All our consulting is based on current educational and social research together with knowledge about your organisation; your culture, needs and goals.


The study tours are more than just school visits. Our experience is that visiting a school can be exciting but you need a curated dialogue in relation to the visit to ensure that reflection about what has been seen and experienced is possible and any remaining questions can be answered. This help the participants absorb, understand and remember what they have seen and experienced during the visit. creates and arranges study tours to learning environments in Europe, Australia and New Zealand. We provide information about the cultural context of the school organisation and how the school system is compared to other countries.


We arrange study tours for educational departments, teachers, designers, planners and architects. 

We find schools that are fit for purpose whether you are interested in learning about the architecture, the organisation or innovative pedagogy.


PUBLIC SPEAKING hopes to contribute to the development of educational systems in new ways, taking a critical look at the usual way of doing things. This requires continuously exploring how children actually learn and teachers actually work and collaborate. conducts longer anthropological research and shorter ethnographic studies to better understand the workings of a learning environment. As part of our work we visit several learning environments every year and do informal interviews with teachers, managers and students. 

Our talks are always grounded in what we learn from our own research conducted in various learning environments and current educational research and are accompanied by pictures from many different innovative learning spaces.



Services - study tours
Services - Research & speaking
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